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Slime Mold in Turf

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Slime Mold in Turf
Slime Mold in Turf

Zac Reicher, Zac Reicher, Turfgrass Extension Specialist

During periods of adequate rain, we receive reports of turf with white, black, red, orange, purple, and or rust-colored powder. This is slime mold which occurs during prolonged warm and wet weather. They look extremely damaging but will rarely damage turf. Slime molds are primitive organisms that appear as crusty spores enveloping grass blades. Slime molds use grass blades for elevation into wind currents in order to spread. Slime molds do not actually infect plants, but a prolonged covering of slime mold may smother the grass plant. Regular mowing will usually break up and disperse slime mold.

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