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Lily Bulbils

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Some species of lilies will produce aerial bulblets, known as bulbils, in the leaf axils along the stem. These bulbils appear at first as small nodule-like buds that become shiny and black as they mature, beginning near the bottom of the stem and continuing up. Fully developed bulbils will drop to the ground shortly after the plants bloom. Bulbils can be harvested once they've matured, but before they fall and planted much as you would a normal bulb. It usually takes 3 or more years to develop a mature, flowering plant from a bulbil. Species most noted for bulbil production include Lilium lancifolium (Tiger Lily), L., and many of the Asiatic Hybrid Lilies.

--B. Rosie Lerner, Extension Consumer Horticulture Specialist, Purdue University


Bulbils on Lily



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